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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Off a trajectory

Off a trajectory
I said knowledge is a function of experience...
So I know I can't know everything
But I have neither defined experience nor knowledge

I make statements about the way things should be
Concerning the maintenance of standards and the abandonment of double standards
I speak against unfairness and injustice

I do not appreciate the heavy jumps
Vous passer du coq á l'âne et pour moi, ca c'est complètement inacceptable

Because I have never claimed to be perfect
I have never claimed to know everything
I make assumptions like everyone does...see this too is an assumption
I make mistakes
I can be wrong
I am wrong some of the time
I just choose to preserve my right to be right and right to be wrong
This is paradoxical but not contradictory

if you choose to never speak because you stutter and I don't
Please don't try to hold my mouth shut

Cor prudentis possedibit scientia
et c'est avec la gaité du cœur que je dit
je suis vraiment désolé
mais je ne peut pas renoncer á ma droit d’être

Trouvant et vivant la vérité
c’est ma raison d’être