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Saturday, April 25, 2009


I can hear your voice
Yesterday, a creeping sound
Forever a silent call
I was reaching out from a distant past
Clinging on to the memories of what we were
Who I was when you held me

Midnight; the brightest stars
My darkest hour
Lost in the darkness
This is an ebony madness
A solitary time

Console me
Redeem me
Gazing from an ivory tower
Sinking into the saline blue-greenness

Hollow writhing by the river banks
Wilting willow


When I was you were
It was brief
I still remember still save the memories
So short and long it is now

Time leaves its scar,
A mark on even the timeless

The quiet longings of a heart
That I could see you here or then

That I strive to be
And yet it is not much that you see
There is a distance, a long road
Leading to the familiarity of my loneliness

You have heard my name
Though things change that stays the same
I have heard you speak
I still remember a yellow brick road

It led, led to nowhere
A road less travelled was there but not clear
I stood and stared
I thought of you

And when I stare into those dark and fiery pools
I see a pure reflection of myself
Of my thought


You make my heart sing
A song, a rhyme a verse, a chant
You make, you make

You have the days
I see the horizon
I can hear the rhythm
Far away, the drum beats

I can see what life is
I can barely breathe
Far away I see a shooting star

I can hear a melody
It lulls my aching heart to sleep
Moonlight glows as vagrant waters flow

On this night even the stars
The stars look forlorn
You make my heart sing
A verse a chant a song

I forgot the last thing
I can hear the echo
Of a beat
Of your feet

Sometimes the Weeping Willow

Some mornings I wake to a bright blue sky
Some nights I cry into my pillow
Sometimes in April and then in May

I thought today would be a lovely day

Some nights the stars shine over the saline sea
Some nights he whispers words of comfort to me
Gentle whispers with the dawning dew

I fall so quickly and break so easily
Sometimes I wonder
Sometimes I stare into the darkness
Sometimes I feel the emptiness

Yesterday I woke to a bright blue sky
Last night I cried into my pillow
The stars have been gone for a while
But the waves have not ceased to be

Sometimes when I look at me
The weariness overwhelms my soul
I stare into the abyss, that big black hole
Last night my tears fell

Again unto my pillow.