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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Candle wax

See this bright light,
Look into my eyes.
burning from crude thickness.
Keep breathing.
And on that candelabra it rests, now tall.
I, am never leaving.
Thick wick residing in oil waxes,
This exists in forever.
Bright light.
Keep looking into my eyes.
You can see the love can’t you?
Deep and passionate


Oil wax melting,
On the numberless sands staring into the ocean,
Such unbounded vastness,
Perfection, don’t you think?
Oozing and dripping in limbless majesty.

And the energy,
all of that existing from one infinity to the next
no birth,
no death.

Even when the light is quenched,
I can scarcely remember the beginning
Drenched wick black.
Do you see an end?
The candle wax remains.

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