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Sunday, May 2, 2010


I remember how lovely you looked, cheerful too
So neatly wrapped in those lifeless things
Transparent thank goodness
And you were beautiful to behold
So many of you
How come
Born of camaraderie, appreciation, love?
Tighter sealed
Held closer together
These creases barely showing
You were special; different
Chosen specially
Wilting regally and prematurely
Disappeared first, wasted away
The deep blues wouldn’t hold you
Not much longer
I could see it all fallen
So crestfallen I let you go
Only two remain
Looking apart
From each other
Diverging at a crossroads
Love? Camaraderie? Appreciation?
I cannot tell which to call you, how to mourn you
You look apart
You too crestfallen
Soon, you shall have to go too

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